Completely Finished Surfaces

Painting and Recoating Services

As part of our total surface management solutions, we can also paint and recoat your newly cleaned surfaces.

Allow our complete service to meet the demands of your project. Not only can we provide a fully comprehensive surface cleansing service, but we can also offer our total end to end service where we paint and coat processed surfaces to your specifications saving cost and multiple contractors.

VariBlast has worked on a number of industrial and commercial projects, including specialist coatings such as twin or single epoxy paints, fire protective coatings, resins and water-resistant sealant, supplied by well-known and respected paint manufactures such as Shewin Williams, International, Jotun and many more.

A refreshment and refurbishment service

In the majority of cases, clients request that we provide a total surface repainting service. This often consists of using an abrasive blast cleaning system or TAVEC system to clear off the old layers of paint and sealant first.

We then use your required method to apply the new coating using our professional surface application personnel who are familiar with all methods and equipment.

Working in a number of different environments, we understand the constraints and pressures of each project. From industrial production facilities through to large scale property renovations and alterations, VariBlast has the experience to deliver.

Your clear advantage

One of the key benefits of using VariBlast for your complete surface overhaul is the consistency of service. As soon as the blasting and removal is finished, we can immediately commence on the repainting.

As with all our services, we provide all the infrastructure necessary to complete the task giving you a fully comprehensive service. As part of any contract, we ensure that everything is in place for an exact professional delivery that fits with your expectations and timescales.

In the first instance, we recommend that you meet with one of our expert consultants who will be able to discuss the specifications together with the constraints and parameters of your project with you, allowing you to understand how VariBlast will work with you and ensure all your requirements are met.

Painting services we can offer:

  • Primer Coating
    Single and two pack epoxy primers which are mainly used on mild steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Single Pack Epoxy Coatings
    Hardwearing coatings available in thousands of RAL and BS numbers with fast, slow or one hour drying paints.
  • Two Pack Epoxy Coatings
    Hardwearing coatings available in thousands of RAL and BS numbers with fast, slow or one hour drying paints.
  • Intumescent Fire Coatings
    60, 90 and 120 minute, fire rated certified coatings using Nullifire, Jotun, Sherwin Williams and International Paints. Solvent and water based systems with on-site and off-site facilities.
  • Anti-slip Epoxy Coatings
    For offshore applications, decks and walkways requiring a non-slip surface, especially when wet.
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
    For use in pools, power stations, waste plants and chemical plants. Ideal for circumstances where normal paint systems break down too easily, a chemical resistant system can be designed, employed and applied by specialist VariBlast tradesmen.
  • Full Paint Process Records 

    Certificate of conformities, paint reporting and inspection can be provided with each and every project within our own QA. Internal or external NACE inspectors reporting.
  • Powder Coatings and Stove Enamelling
    Using high temperature ovens for instant plastic coatings applied upon steelwork for tough and durable finishes. Available in all RAL and BS colours
  • Coating DFT Checks and Inspection
    Using the latest Elcometer and Positector digital equipment, which self-calibrates daily and provides graphs, scales, photos and accurate chart reporting for project certification documentation.

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