Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings


Traffic or industrial fumes, spillages, lubricants and cleaning agents all contain chemicals that can attack a coated surface. Most often these are relatively mild and will only begin to affect the coating after a period of prolonged exposure, but there are situations where surfaces must be protected from stronger chemical compounds.

VariBlast has over 10 years’ experience in the preparation and application of chemical resistant coatings for steel or concrete structures. The products can be manually applied or with specialist spraying equipment.

We survey and assess each individual job to determine the most effective solution and to ensure the required protection and production targets can be met.

For instance, tank linings are designed to withstand chemical resistance, HTHP (high temperature and high pressure) and mechanical abrasion. Typically they are made not only for crude or refined products but also for process water or subsea immersion.

Dependent upon the product being stored, the requirements and features of the tank lining will vary. The correct chemical resistant coating will provide exceptional anti-corrosive performance with effective chemical resistance, protecting the fabric of the tank itself whilst also ensuring contamination of the product being stored is avoided.

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