Itumescent Fire Coatings

Intumescent Fire Coatings

The potential damage and injury brought about by a fire in your facility can be catastrophic, no matter how large or small the incident. Preparing for this worst-case scenario by applying industrial fireproof, intumescent coatings is absolutely crucial when building or improving any structure.

Intumescent paint gives between 30 to 120 minutes of fire protection to structural steel and is up to 50 times thicker than normal paint. In the event of a fire, the intumescent layer will begin to char and expand and as it does so, it insulates and slows down the transfer of heat to the structural steel, helping keep the steel structurally sound during a fire to enable the building to be evacuated.

At VariBlast, our professional, highly skilled operatives are fully trained in the preparation and application of intumescent coatings and linings to ensure structural steel, vessels, piping, bulkheads, ductwork and more are protected from the extreme temperatures brought on by extreme heat. We work with our clients and principal contractors to devise the best fireproofing solution for their projects.

Using strict guidelines for both safety and construction, we then professionally apply these fire retardants using the following processes:

Prior to the coating being applied, we prepare the surface to ensure that it complies with the coating manufacturers guidelines.

We work with the manufacturer to produce steel calculations to ensure the correct amount of protection for each individual steel member.

Pre-primed steel is checked to ensure that the primer has been applied correctly and is compatible with the specified intumescent coating.

Conditions such as substrate temperature, dew point and humidity are monitored using electronic measurement devices regularly to make sure they comply with the coating manufacturer’s guidelines.

We use ‘wet film gauges’ to ensure that the coatings are applied at the correct micron thickness and ‘dry film gauges’ to ensure that the correct dry film thickness has been achieved.

At the end of the job we provide a documented log of all inspections carried out during the course of the works to prove that in the unfortunate event of a fire, the system has been installed correctly and complies with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Finally, we issue a ‘certificate of conformity’ from the coating manufacturer to confirm that the correct quantities of coating have been purchased to satisfy the criteria of the steel calculations issued.

Fire is never completely avoidable, no matter how much effort you put into preventing it. Doing what you can to minimize the toll it takes if it does break out however, can mean everything to the future of your structure.

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