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Builders Profile is a set of pre-qualification questionnaire questions used by a group of main contractors to assess the suitability of contractors for the works they are to carry out. It is a central storage system for vital information, such as company details and previous projects carried out.

Being on Builders Profile allows main contractors to specify or recommend VariBlast without having to fill out pre-contract information.

Constructionline Gold Member logo

Constructionline is a pre-qualification questionnaire system used by a group of main contractors to gain insight into potential contractors. Questions in key areas, such as quality control, the environment, health and safety and social responsibility, enable main contractors to assess suitability prior to sending enquiries.

Being accredited by Constructionline gives potential contractors the assurance that the procedures and core ethos of VariBlast are in place to enable smooth working and efficiency on projects.

CHAS is a pre-qualification questionnaire system used by a group of main contractors to assess a potential contractor in areas such as health and safety, the environment, quality control, social responsibility and equal opportunities. As well as being CHAS accredited, VariBlast has also gained an SSIP accredited health and safety assessment. This ensures that risk assessment procedures carried out on a daily basis are to the standard required to keep the potential risk of an on-site accident to an absolute minimum.

ISO9001 logo

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. It outlines a method of running a business and recording information in a standardised way in order to help the business deliver it’s products and services repeatedly to the same standard. The management system also incorporates methods of quantifying continuous improvement in order to help the business thrive.

ISO14001 logo

ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems. Linked closely to ISO 9001 the standard outlines methods of keeping a record of the impact the business may have an the environment in general while delivering it’s products and services. The management system enable the company to quantify it’s impact with a view to minimising it’s general impact where reasonably practicable.

SSIP logo

SSIP is a standard of health and safety questionnaire that is accepted by several accreditation standards to help reduce the necessity of filling out pre-qualification questionnaires. Gaining a SSIP accredited certificate means that a “Deemed-to-satisfy” certificate can be offered by other accreditation boards.

As part of the Contructionline Accreditation the Acclaim H&S Accreditation is also part of the SSIP Scheme. Attaining the accreditation shows that VariBlast has a robust H&S system and demonstrates that we work to the required standard.

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