Commercial Finishes and Coatings


Variblast operatives are highly skilled in the application of a wide range of specialist interior and exterior industrial coatings. We can apply interior paint finishes to large areas in tightly restricted time schedules, which means less disruption and downtime to your project programme and business, especially when it comes to refurbishing and painting commercial, retail and industrial properties. Overcoming access to hard-to-reach areas is a challenge we often have to solve with scaffolding or MEWP access.

We have many years of experience over a wide range of projects, including large storage sheds/warehouses, aircraft hangars, bridges, roof structures, waterway structures, petrochemical tanks and both highway and railway infrastructure. These contracts can range in value from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

An important part of this service is our technical support, which includes coatings surveys and analysis, coatings specification and assessment and analysis of hazardous or toxic substances, such as lead paint.

Our complete protective coatings service provides clear advantages in project planning, control and cost, supported by effective safety, quality and contract monitoring. This ensures that Variblast projects are completed on time, within budget and most importantly, to specification.

Interior and exterior paint spraying

We have vast experience of working on large interior and exterior paint spraying projects in both the new build and refurbishment sectors. As always, preparation is key and we ensure that all surfaces meet or exceed the required specification before any coatings are applied.

A range of surfaces

We have the technical skills to surface coat a wide range of materials, from suspended ceilings and plasterboard to ducting, galvanised metal, steel beams, cladding panels and much more. We have successfully completed many diverse projects from the entire structures of a number of world war two aircraft hangars to the internal linings of storage tanks at an oil refinery. 

Specialist protective coatings

VariBlast offer a range of highly specialist coatings that eliminate the potential for surface corrosion or corrosion under insulation, as well as providing a solution to heat transfer problems. Our expertise in anti-corrosion coatings has enabled us to secure many prestigious and demanding painting contracts. 

Application of specialist coatings services include:

  • Application of all types of epoxy, resin or water-based coatings
  • Erosion, abrasion, impact and corrosion resistant coating systems
  • Solvent-free hot and cold applied liquid coatings

Colour matching service

Whether you require a RAL Colour, a British Standard Colour or something bespoke, we provide a full colour matching service and are able to apply whatever colour is required.

Low-odour paint

When carrying out internal painting, odour from wet solvent-based paints can be an issue. That’s one of the reasons why the vast majority of the paint we use on interiors are water-based, low-odour, low VOC and fast drying. A perfect solution for interior decoration of occupied buildings.

Specialist coatings for chemical environments

VariBlast has considerable experience in the preparation and installation of specialist linings which meet the high standards and requirements of chemical environments. These services are all subject to our strict safety policies and British Standard Quality Assured Controls.

Specialist Services Available Include:

  • Preparation and application of epoxy polyurethane systems
  • Preparation and application of epoxy glass flake
  • Preparation and application of vinyl ester flake glass
  • Trowel applied polyester coatings

Epoxy Coating Case Studies

Bullring Centre, Birmingham

MOD Pendine Firing Range

RAF Mildenhall

Middleton Stop Pump

Eye Power Station

Halterman Carless

International Aviation Academy

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