Epoxy Floor Coatings

For warehouses, factories, food prep areas, laboratories or car showrooms, epoxy floor coatings provide a safe, long lasting
and durable finish.

Highly experienced operatives

All Variblast operatives are fully trained and experienced in the handling, preparation and application of a wide range of industrial epoxy coatings, ensuring excellent results and providing a high quality, long-lasting finish. 

Surface preparation is the key

Apart from ensuring you have specified the correct epoxy paint, the most important aspect of applying industrial flooring is the cleaning and surface preparation of the area. We are specialists in surface preparation and the application floor coatings and anti-slip treatments, with over ten years of experience and many thousands of square feet to our credit.

We provide a complete non-slip floor treatment service, including site surveys and technical advice for the following resin flooring applications.

Fast drying, hardwearing solutions

Epoxy floor paints have strong adhesive properties and are extremely hardwearing, they are also chemical and heat resistant. Depending on the nature of the work being carried out, the coatings are applied in single pack or two pack options. 

The two part commercial epoxy coatings are more suited to heavy-duty applications, such as metal substrates. All epoxy floor paint is fast drying, ensuring a tough and hardwearing finish to any application.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings and Sealers.

These single component resin coatings and sealers are mainly used for colour coating and dust sealing concrete and wooden floors. They are used mainly in light trafficked areas and are available in a wide range of colours from the RAL and BS4800 colour range

Epoxy and Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings and referred to as ‘safety floor paint’ epoxy coatings are solvent-free or water-based and tough enough as an industrial anti-slip solution for everyday forklift use.

For more heavy-duty applications, we can also incorporate various grades of aggregate within the resin to add increased slip resistance. Our extensive range of commercial epoxy floor coatings are available in many of the RAL and BS4800 range of colours.

Flow Applied Epoxy and Polyurethane Floor Systems

Often installed in warehouses, factories and other areas with a high volume of traffic and more commonly known as self-smoothing or levelling resin systems, these floor systems are extremely hard wearing. They are also used in laboratories, clean rooms and car showrooms. 

Non-slip coatings

However good your health and safety practices are,  slips and trips still occur in the work environment. The application of non-slip floor coatings will help reduce the risk, especially in problem areas such as walkways, steps, wash down areas and traffic aisles.

A wide range of anti-slip floor coating systems

VariBlast provide a wide range of safety floor paint and anti-slip floor coating systems, creating a durable non-slip finish for the most demanding industrial and commercial environments. Our highly skilled and experienced floor coating specialists work closely with clients to ensure their anti-slip surface requirements are met, with minimum disruption and downtime to their business.

To arrange a site meeting or discuss a quote, call VariBlast now on 01508 493320 or email info@variblast.com