For the majority of VariBlast projects, cleaning or surface preparation is just one part of an overall process. With brick, stonework and masonry, it is important to apply a protective coating to the finished surface once it has been cleaned, to ensure it continues to remain in good condition for the years to come.

For this purpose, we offer a range of technologically advanced sealants specifically developed to enhance and protect all types of substrate.

Stone sealants

VariBlast can offer a range of stone sealers which can be used on all types of stone, including brickwork, concrete, sandstone, reconstituted stone, limestone, marble granite, slate and more. Our range of environmentally friendly stone sealers will protect against water, oil, graffiti, pollution, staining, organic growth and chewing gum adhesion.

We can also provide anti-graffiti protection, whereby if graffiti occurs it can be more easily removed, without requiring any repainting.

Water proofing

Water proofing after cleaning is a common requirement and we can apply a highly effectiveoil and water resistant treatment for vertical surfaces. It has excellent water proofing qualities, reducing the penetration of oil and water while frost damage and organic growth are also greatly reduced.

The sealant we use is very versatile and can be applied to a variety of substrates, such as brickwork, concrete, natural stone, reconstructed stone and block-work, granite, marble, terrazzo and wood.

Energy Efficient Coating Systems

Wet walls can lose heat twice as quickly as dry walls, to combat this problem, we can offer a newly developed range of energy saving coatings. Designed and tested for both internal and external use to help reduce energy bills within domestic, commercial and industrial dwellings, measurable savings can be made by applying this sealant to minimise the heat loss from damp walls.

Our energy saving sealants will also help to protect building substrates from water ingress, which is important considering 80% of all damage caused to masonry is due to water ingress.

For even greater protection, we offer the next generation of super hydrophobic sealants, providing a self-cleaning mechanism whereby dirt particles are picked up by water droplets formed by rainfall and simply washed off the surface.

Stone floor sealants

Our oil and waterproofing treatment for floors is designed for use on high traffic areas, such as pedestrian walkways, car parks and paving which is subject to heavy wear and staining. For paving areas we can create a non-stick surface that allows easy removal of chewing gum.

If you have areas where colour has faded or needs lifting, we recommend a new sealant with aunique water-based modified polysiloxane, which not only provides oil and water resistant properties but also lifts the true colour of the substrate. It has the added benefit of leaving a non-stick surface, greatly improving ease of chewing gum removal.

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