Norwich City College – Digitech

VariBlast were employed by R G Carter to apply Intumescent paint to the new steel frame of the building giving a decorative finish. The steels are exposed within the building and so they were to be of an aesthetically pleasing finish while having the required fire protection capability. Sherwin-Williams FX1003 Solvent based intumescent paint was applied to give weathering ability while the building continued to be enclosed.

Suitable topcoats were applied to give internal and external protection and final finish colours. The large external entrance way required specialist MEWP access as the ground was unfinished at time of painting.

Some challenging conditions were met with painting in the early part of the year in a partially open building. We used heating and partitioning where required to ensure conditions within the building allowed for paint application and curing within manufacturers specification.

Building History

A newly constructed building on the City college campus to allow modern digital technology classes. Taking some of the footprint of a demolished building and linked to another existing modern building. This learning space is set to help future generations learn how to use design technology.