Sentinel House

The clients requests were simple; “We require the most cost-effective cleaning methods with zero damage to the substraight being cleaned”, this was required whilst working at an average working height of 15 to 20m from 120ft MEWP’s (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms).

The cleaning methods adopted within this project included; DOFF Cleaning (Super-HOT 150°C Water at Low Pressure and Low Volume) & WET Abrasive blasting preparation.

Once all rendered, brick and stone areas had been DOFF cleaned, localised WET blasting was used to remove the more stubborn staining which remained visible.

All works were completed within an 8-week programme during late 2017 and early 2018.



  • Norwich


  • Sentinel House Ltd

Principal Contractor:

  • Pronto Construction Ltd


  • 8 weeks

Completion Date:

  • February 2018


  • £60,000.00p

Services Used:

  • DOFF Cleaning
  • WET Blasting