1 Portsoken Street

Surface Preparation - Tower Gateway


When Working on a Large project consistency is key. Working alongside Oktra and Castle Hill Fire Protection we have worked through the recent Covid-19 Pandemic to keep the project to program as much as possible. Working our way down from the 8th floor This project has been about the logistics of removing cementitious coatings from around 1/3 of the frame while keeping any dust generated by sand blasting escaping the floor being work upon either out into the street through Glazing that is being replaced or into the open Atrium Area.

Once the areas were suitably cleaned the paint applicators were allowed in the area to apply the coatings required. Giving the steels a coat of Primer before protecting them with water based intumescent paint and a Topcoat in Olive Green. The just in time method ensured all works were completed in a timely manner but also required us to work at the correct pace to keep ahead of the paint applicators.

To enable the most efficient method of working each floor is split into two general sections that would take around a week to complete. To successfully Dry Blast these areas in this time three large Diesel compressors were set up in the loading bay area with airline routed to the level being blasted. This allowed for the inevitable breakdown when running machines at a high output. GenAir are always on hand to sort out problems or even swap out compressors if they fail.

The project includes a re-visit to address the central atrium area where the existing steels interface with the new structure. This will include visiting each level with a large amount of segregation to protect the continuing works on the existing floors and the construction of the infill. The interface areas will be visited once the infill on the level has been completed to allow the operatives to work without exposure to a substantial drop.

1 Portsoken Street

  • Remove existing Paint and Cementitious coatings ready for intumescent paint treatment for fire and decoration.

Principle Constractor

  • Oktra


  • Castle Hill Fire Protection

Surface Preparation

  • Dry blast clean SA2 specification

Coatings (by Castle Hill)

  • Primer
  • Waterbased Intumescent (60FR)
  • Top Coat