10 Greycoat Place

The original Victorian steel for this building was painted with anti-corrosion protection several times over the years. This lead containing paint required stripping and disposal with great care so as not to expose the operatives to undue risk. Periodic monitoring was introduced to make sure that the lead absorbed into the blood of the operatives did not cause harmful effects. The correct use of PPE, personal hygiene and changing out of work ware when not within the working area was of great importance to minimise the amount of lead exposure both the operatives and other trades on site are exposed to.

The steels were left in primer for follow on trades to coat with a suitable and compatible Intumescent coating to give the relevant fire protection to the building.

Building History

The former Army & Navy Co-Operative Society Warehouse is undergoing renovation to be reused as office space near Buckingham palace. The building will be extended from 5 – 7 floors during the renovation in order to make best use of the location.