Surface cleaning & coating solutions for highways, bridges and rail sectors

Graffiti is a constant issue and can be expensive to remove. The VariBlast systems are quick, efficient and clean. We offer a wide selection of removal techniques including low and high pressure water, chemical treatments and eco-friendly abrasive blasting. Interruption times are kept to an absolute minimum thanks to all our systems being fully mobile and self-contained.

We are equipped to deal with complicated projects involving contamination using specialist breathing equipment and protection, along with fully documented safe waste disposal.

The speed of our cleaning and coating systems ensure that structures receive a fast turnaround, minimising traffic disruption and inconvenience, as well as having a low environmental impact on the local surroundings.

Removal of thermoplastic line markings can be a real headache, but using the VariBlast Farrow System we can quickly remove white lines from all types of surface, such as roads, school playgrounds, car parks, sports arenas and much more. The VariBlast process creates little disturbance, allowing traffic to continue flowing with no toxic waste danger to the workforce. It is the most efficient way to restore, rinse and dry a road surface ready for immediate re-marking.

The VariBlast Wet Abrasive Farrow System also excels when it comes to concrete, brick and steel cleaning for air, water or rail infrastructure projects and is unrivalled in enclosed environments such as tunnels, vessels or tanks and the underground. We really can assist you with pretty much any cleaning or coating requirement!

If you are interested in our services or have a cleaning issue to resolve, then please contact us on 01508 493320 or email