Surface cleaning & property restoration solutions for public authorities

Working closely with local councils or larger county councils, VariBlast can effortlessly remove unsightly graffiti from most types of surface, from concrete to delicate sandstone monuments as well as thick thermoplastic road markings from roads and car parks. With a wide selection of blasting treatments including low and high pressure water, eco-friendly chemical treatments and eco-friendly blast media, we can complete any job quickly and effectively.

Our specialist hot water pavement cleaning service is designed to remove chewing gum and other urban grime, making us very popular with council departments and local shop owners who are continually under pressure to maintain high standards of cleanliness but with limited budgets.

Property restoration, including non-abrasive building cleaning or painting, is a speciality of ours. From tough render, concrete and metal cladding to soft sandstone, our low pressure hot or cold water based systems achieve the best results without damage and with far less mess than traditional sand blasting or chemical stripping techniques and are competitive in price too. Our extensive experience includes low cost housing renovation projects throughout the UK and more difficult logistics within large cities, such as central London.

In most cases, we can provide our own access solutions in the form of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms) or even rope access, reducing the need for unsightly and expensive scaffolding.

f you are interested in our services or have a cleaning issue to resolve, then please contact us on 01508 493320 or email