Marine and Offshore surface coatings removal & preparation services

VariBlast makes the removal of heavy, thick protective coatings effortless, causing no damage to gel coatings, steel, aluminium or even wooden surfaces. Resulting in an ideally prepared finish, ready for immediate inspection or re-application of a paint system, VariBlast can prepare a surface in minimal time with minimal mess whilst being environmentally friendly and creating little disturbance to local surroundings.

Using the patented Farrow System, VariBlast can also assist offshore and ship industries with the removal of rust and paint from all types of metals, plastics and rubbers. This process often results in a massive cost saving over part replacement and has the greatest of control over dust and spray contamination. Furthermore, Variblast also offers the ability to apply any number of different protective coatings from single and two pack epoxy to fine protective coatings within the intumescent range

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