Commercial & residential property surface cleaning and restoration

The VariBlast systems are perfect for tired buildings in need of a facelift at a fraction of the cost of traditional, labour-intensive methods. Whether cleaning brickwork, rain stained sandstone, green algae growth on renders or heavily stained concrete finishes, we have a solution.

VariBlast can quickly and effectively remove paints, nickel plating, grease, oil or heavy rust from a number of surfaces, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, plastic and render. Surfaces can be effectively cleaned with little need for preparation, leaving all electrical wiring and piping in place, working around them with precision and accuracy. VariBlast is the best choice for on-site structural cleaning and preparation.

We have extensive experience in cleaning all types of cladding, including wood, aluminium and composite plastic. Our systems can be set up to remove most surface coating including paint and grime, without any damage to the cladding sheeting.

From cleaning and coating new brickwork to restoring ancient timber frames, VariBlast systems work brilliantly, time and time again. From woodwork, stonework, brickwork, masonry, soft or hard, whatever the surface, it’s all in a day’s work and using our precise, gentle process we have successfully restored many modern and historical buildings.

Internal and external projects can be quickly and easily undertaken, with minimal waste and disturbance, especially in restricted and confined spaces.

If you are interested in our services or have a cleaning issue to resolve, then please contact us on 01508 493320 or email